Letter from Founder

Invest – Letter from Founder

I grew up spending nearly every weekend on my grandfather’s biodynamic farm. It was one of the first of its kind in the UK. It broke all the normal rules of agri-business, adopting the highest possible standards of welfare and stewardship.

These values led to Elysia Natural Skincare, our thriving business established in 1994, UK partner for the Dr Hauschka range. In 2005, we purchased the business park on which we rented our offices, plus the 191 acre farm that surrounded it.

We straight away converted the farm to biodynamic methods whilst building the Elysia business. Today, both are in good health and promote their values proudly.

The Business Park has also flourished, fully tenanted with wonderful local firms. The Farm attracted them in the first place, and the relationship has never been warmer.

We have a unique opportunity. The Farm runs the Park’s environmental practice. It influences tenants, who engage with Farm life, some even lending a hand. Several share our explicit commitment to the environment and society. What is special is that even the traditionally ‘un-green’ industries have told us: “We want new initiatives to increase our positive impacts.”

Mainstream business can contribute so much more, but often lacks the opportunity. By working together, we are reversing that. We are changing the rules.

Your investment will take this further. By putting the Farm in trust with the Business Park, we can lead the businesses in making greater social returns, and secure the work of the Farm in perpetuity.

The form of trust is the Community Benefit Society. It creates a community of people from far and wide to support its beneficial activity. As a form of co-operative, it is rooted in the ethical, social revolution of the nineteenth century, still relevant today.

We hope you will join us. People who care about the environment and nutrition will invest to protect the Farm; people who want to be part of a renewal of capitalism will invest in our ethical business objectives.

It will be a partnership to believe in.

Sebastian Parsons
Founder, Elysia Commons and Stockwood Community Benefit Society, for and on behalf of the Board