The Key People of Stockwood CBS

Invest – Key People of Stockwood CBS

The Board

Name: Sebastian Parsons, CEO, Elysia
Résumé: CEO of Elysia, a profitable £5m turnover skincare and clothing retailer/wholesaler and ethical brand marketeer. Social entrepreneur and transformational capitalist. Sebastian has an instinct for business and a strong sense of purpose and meaning. He strives to make this accessible to all colleagues through fostering a spirit of “living business”. Active in the biodynamic organic movement and in a number of other charitable activities including the English Symphony Orchestra, Sebastian has an understanding of how our social, cultural and economic lives are inter-connected, and can be mutually supportive. See for more information.
Role: Elysia Commons Limited representative1 ensuring effective mutual and shareholder engagement. Financial lead on business performance
Remuneration: Nil

Name: Martin Large, Executive Director, Bio-dynamic Land Trust
Résumé: CEO of BDLT and expert in community land trusts. Facilitator, lecturer, consultant and publisher. Martin chaired the Community Land Trust National Demonstration Project 2007-9; is director of Ecodynamic CBS Ltd and Gen Community Ltd; director/publisher at Hawthorne Press Ltd since 1981; visiting lecturer in leadership at the University of Kent; chair of Stroud Common Wealth Ltd which enables co-ops, social enterprise and land trust development; author of Common Wealth (2010).
Role: Biodynamic Land Trust2 representative; responsible for lease of farmland, and social impact including community engagement / PR.
Remuneration: Nil

Name: Adrian Parsons
Résumé: Distinguished career in education; now, in partnership with Anne Parsons, biodynamic farmer; manager of business park for 6 years.
Role: Values leadership; site management; development of the properties including implementation of sustainable energy interventions.
Remuneration: Nil

Name: Simon Cutter
Résumé: Farmer and farming entrepreneur.
Role: Strategic commercial lead on future development of off-farm business.
Remuneration: Nil

Name: Gaye Donaldson
Résumé: Co-founder and Marketing Director of Organic Herb Trading Company and trustee of the Soil Association.
Role: Governance and investor reporting.
Remuneration: Nil

Name: Alison King
Résumé: Manager in Elysia and English Symphony Orchestra.
Role: Tenant representative and company secretary.
Remuneration: Nil

The board will be democratically elected from the membership of Stockwood CBS (SCBS) annually, with 1/3 of directors retiring each year. Only Martin Large as representative of the Custodian Trustee, The Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT), and Sebastian Parsons as representative of Custodian Trustee, Elysia Commons Limited, will not be elected by the membership but by appointment of the respective Custodian Boards.

The Shareholding will be by open subscription with a minimum shareholding of £250, only BDLT and Elysia Commons as Custodian Trustees with automatic board representation and a veto on constitutional change to mitigate against mission drift in the future. Membership will be sought from those interested in the Biodynamic movement; the tenants of the business park and their customers; and other ethical investors. Shares will earn a low interest coupon.

Stockwood CBS will have no staff, at least initially, but instead subcontract all its functions to various partners as described above. Key operational leadership will be provided by Rush Farm as the corporate experts in land management, and whose staff are effectively already providing the leadership on the business park.

As well as investing capital into Stockwood CBS for nil interest, Elysia will provide brand and marketing support pro bono, primarily through the maintenance of the Stockwood CBS website.


  1. Elysia Commons Limited is a new company designed to hold in trust employee owned ethical businesses and promote non-exploitative structures of capitalism
  2. Biodynamic Land Trust is an exempt charity (no. XT33649) which promotes biodynamic and organic farming principles