This page contains information for Members of Stockwood Community Benefit Society.

Growing Lots!

Rush Farm will be providing a field to Members on which they can grow their own produce. The system will be a bit like old-fashioned strip farming, with 4′ wide strips along which Members can stake out their own area.

Join our Community Growing Lots Scheme

Grow your Own Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Every Spring we will prepare our Growing Lots field so that members can stake out their new Lot and get growing!
You have to first invest in the Stockwood Community Benefit Society to be eligible to register. The minimum shareholding is £100, which can, by agreement, be paid over time.

The rules are:
● you have to work organically
● no structures (eg sheds)
● you’ll get a new Lot within the field each year

There is flexible access at any time and nearby parking.
The rent is £1 per m2.
The field is divided into beds that are all 4’ wide.
A 14’ “Lot will cost £5 per year.
Everyone signs up for their Lot anew each year using a standard farmland rental agreement.

For more information or to register for a Lot call: 01386 791 031
or email: