10th July 2024

Alice’s sheep shearing triumph!

If you are feeling a sense of jet lag after the last 24 hours, Thistle wants you to know that she understands. Across the farm, the […]
25th June 2024

Spraying time!

The big job these last days has been clearing the barn of the cow’s winter bedding ready for this year’s bales to be stored. The bedding […]
7th June 2024

Barn or Tawny?

Today is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made, and the resilience shown by so many. The legacy of the leaders post World War II is […]
3rd June 2024

Happy Birthday Thistle!

Today Thistle turns one – how fast these year’s fly – and it is the launch week for the veg boxes. Alice and Brendan, against many […]
9th May 2024

Lamby has left the farm!

We must begin today with sunny birthday wishes for Anne – 21 today… and for Alice, who was also 21 earlier this week, and for Brendan, […]
30th April 2024

A sink hole!

Amazingly, lambing is all but over, and all lambs are looking well. We are bottling feeding a few, but far less than some years, and we […]
12th April 2024

A tale of two flocks

– the story of love, sacrifice and redemption set against the backdrop of a lot of rainfall, and very soggy fields. The main flock in the […]
29th March 2024

Spring is sprung!

Again, the push felt to start these notes with the weather news is great – be it a farming push, or perhaps because we are mostly […]
16th March 2024

Seeding is done!

In the last fortnight, we have moved from overnight frosts to +16 degrees this week. No wonder the natural world is confused! The daffs are nearly […]