8th April 2020

Dry pastures!

Since my self-inflicted injury, I seem to have adopted a shuffling gait rather like a standing, though stooped, bespectacled tortoise with a rather wispy beard. I […]
1st April 2020

40 bird species!

Putting to one side the fact that a struggle in the wood shed last Wednesday left me feeling as if I had been head butted by […]
25th March 2020

Spring is in the air!

Well it would be absurd to make no reference to what is happening outside the farm, but I cannot believe platitudes, historic references or psychobabble are […]
18th March 2020

The migrant birds are arriving!

A feeling of uncertainty hangs over our heads. The likeliest cause is probably the coronavirus, and the increasing feel that the sword of Damocles is ever […]
11th March 2020

TB free!

Well, this week the weather has had to take a back seat, even if we have had several lovely sunny days. If Brexit was not a […]
4th March 2020

Inland seas and daffodils

The loss of the American colonies was taken by many as a sign that England had lost its favoured position in the eyes of God. In […]
26th February 2020

Natural England Conservation Award

I wanted to add a precursor to this weeks farm news. Farmer Adrian, on behalf of the Rush Farm team has received an award in recognition […]
19th February 2020

Webbed toes would make sense!

Tediously I have to begin these notes by referring to the weather which has all but dominated our lives this week. The wind has caused few […]
11th February 2020

Clean sheep, but not for long!

I suppose it is typical of our climate that after a week of drying winds, cold nights but warmish days, all was undone at the weekend […]