12th April 2024

A tale of two flocks

– the story of love, sacrifice and redemption set against the backdrop of a lot of rainfall, and very soggy fields. The main flock in the […]
29th March 2024

Spring is sprung!

Again, the push felt to start these notes with the weather news is great – be it a farming push, or perhaps because we are mostly […]
16th March 2024

Seeding is done!

In the last fortnight, we have moved from overnight frosts to +16 degrees this week. No wonder the natural world is confused! The daffs are nearly […]
1st March 2024

Not more rain!

With 216.8mm rainfall recorded in Worcestershire’s by the 21st of this month, and an awful lot more rain that has fallen in this last week, we can […]
16th February 2024

The wood is waking up

It wasn’t snow that reached us but rain, and then some more rain, and then a lot more rain after that. The fields that had temporarily […]
2nd February 2024

Thistles’ first front cover!

Somehow, despite January feeling like the longest month ever, we not only got a lot done, but we were also able to celebrate Thistles’ first front […]
20th January 2024

Good News from the Farm

A spell of cold weather has been about and around us, but until the north wind blew this week, we were avoiding the ground frosts – […]
22nd December 2023

Happy Winter Solstice!

On this wild and windy day, we write for the last time this year. Will the winds blow in a calmer, more peaceful world for next […]
10th December 2023

New additions..

Before we dive into the news from the farm here is a quick update on our share offer. Firstly we’d like to say a massive thank […]