25th January 2023

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, and what a beautiful sight – Jack Frost visited in the night and turned the brown to white! The perfect morning for a walk […]
18th January 2023

A frosty morning!

What a wet week! The lambs now look like the rain clouds Winnie-the-Pooh tried to emulate. With coats of mud rather than fluffy white, they are, […]
11th January 2023

Hello from the farm!

We can’t pretend that the Christmas week wasn’t sombre for us, but we did also manage to remind ourselves most of the time that “the cup […]
21st December 2022

Seasons Greetings

“The Week” gave us this bit of entertainment, which we feel Adrian would have shared here. What a year it has been on the political stage […]
14th December 2022

The Inspection!

“We may have thought that in winter the earth goes to sleep, but winter is the season when the plants above the earth fall down to […]
7th December 2022

Feeling Biodynamic!

We use the flow form to spray the Biodynamic preps across the farm, because the preps need to be stirred vigorously, heartily, for a whole hour […]
30th November 2022

Advent already!

The mild weather during this last week has meant enough holly berries left for us to pick for the Advent log. First Advent already. How quickly […]
23rd November 2022

Our legacy

Reading back Adrian’s notes for this week last year, it was good to look back and see the arc of these last 12 months; no natural […]
16th November 2022

Thank you

For a man who took Remembrance Day very much to heart, it was serendipity which saw his funeral take place on the 11th of November. A […]