12th September 2016

Anxiously awaiting news of TB & solar panels now adorn the roof!

Having spent the bulk of my working life on ‘red alert’ as I navigated my colleagues and myself through an uncertain and only too ready to […]
5th September 2016

A good week: no sheep lost, the barn is complete & a successful application!

As I write this our sitting room is occupied by a gaggle of grandchildren and their parents and the noise level is amazing – but we […]
17th August 2016

A summer fete success!

We have had rather a frenetic week but it ended well. Though today, Sunday, there is a considerable measure of tiredness in young and old alike. […]
8th August 2016

Thoughts on climate change and farming with the new WWOOF-ers

Sunday morning, the sun is shining, the humid air has been shunted off (so the threat of fly strike is reduced), we have had rain, Jupiter […]
3rd August 2016

A busy time on the social front & a good month for our business park!

And still no rain! All the more ironic in that the flooding in our neighbour’s field turns out to be the main water pipe to the […]
27th July 2016

The tractor has been mended & we’re making jam!

The tractor has been mended & we're making jam!
20th July 2016

The joys of the wildlife on the farm

The tractor was useable again and the topping programme was continued – the tractor had sat in a field for four days with a puncture last […]
11th July 2016

Hay baling & calves escaping

I am currently reading the July chapter of Meadowland by John Lewis-Stemple – a book I happily recommend to all interested in the environment. The author […]
30th June 2016

Swings and roundabouts: Brexit and new calves on the way

I am writing this on the 29th June. Politics is not something I normally comment upon but the decision of last week to leave the EU […]