21st March 2018

Blog: a triumphant week on the farm!

In many ways, this last week has been a triumphant week on the farm. Our Soil Association inspection went well, and while done very thoroughly, was […]
19th March 2018

AGM 2018

This is an annual members’ meeting known as the Annual General Meeting. Thank you to everyone who came to the 2018 event that took place on 23 […]
12th March 2018

BLOG: Clean bill of health for our cattle!

A good week on the farm has been had! The results from the tests show the herd is free of both BVD and Johnes Disease, so […]
5th March 2018

BLOG: Snowmageddon

What an interesting week we just had! Bright, sunny and cold for the first part of the week then high winds and snow. Once or twice […]
26th February 2018

BLOG: Welcome Beatriz, our first WWOOFer of the year! Soon to meet cows up close for the first time…

The first cows will soon be out to grass Happily, this has been a very quiet week on the farm – much appreciated since Chris has […]
21st February 2018

BLOG: Ewe scanning passes smoothly

Although last week might have started somewhat alarmingly, it ended peacefully, despite the earthquake’s best efforts to alarm some of us! Tractor crisis resolved The week […]
14th February 2018

BLOG: Calving will be at its peak between June and August so here's hoping the grass is good then!

Last week threatened to be both peaceful and uneventful… until the clutch on the tractor failed. Only having the one tractor has always been a source […]
6th February 2018

BLOG: The last chance for hedge cutting approaches

It has been a quiet winter’s week on the farm. The animals seem content and in good condition, the pastures dried out a little during the […]
29th January 2018

BLOG: our annual cycle of winter flooding

This last week, the weather alternated between rain and dry – as evidenced by the state of the level of the ponds in field 8 – […]