25th October 2013

Notes & Quotes From An Investor – Ineke Meijer

[Stockwood hits] all the right buttons … I feel liberated. We believe that the Stockwood Community Benefit Society is not just an investment for a financial […]
23rd October 2013

Dr.Hauschka Competition Closed

The Dr.Hauschka competition to win a luxury Christmas hamper with your investment in Stockwood CBS closed today at 2pm! Thanks to all that have participated and […]
22nd October 2013

VIDEO: Founder Sebastian Parsons Explains Stockwood

For those that love to hear about opportunities like ours in the form of audio / video , look no further than here! Sebastian Parson speaks […]
21st October 2013

New Article Released via Sustainable Food Trust

Whilst Stockwood CBS identifies with organic / biodynamic produce as well as rural community building, one of its biggest principles also lies in the issue of […]
18th October 2013

Resonance Ltd. Autumn Newsletter & An MP Invests

To continue the great coverage Stockwood CBS has had, we have been mentioned in Resonance Ltd’s Autumn Newsletter, which also breaks the news that local MP […]
17th October 2013

Founder Sebastian Parsons An “Ethical Investment Pioneer”

We are delighted to have one of our founders Sebastian appear on GreenhousePR’s blog as an Ethical Investment Pioneer. We have taken some of our favourite […]
16th October 2013

In The Guardian Again: Stockwood A Great Example of Crowdfunding

A brilliant article was released yesterday in the Guardian speaking to crowdfunding and how Stockwood CBS is a PRIME example of good practice for this kind […]
15th October 2013

Stockwood CBS Leading The Charge During National Ethical Investment Week

This week is National Ethical Investment Week ! All through the week there are events in London, Bristol, Manchester and more all about ethical investment and […]
9th October 2013

Luxury Hamper Competition Launched To Celebrate Stockwood & Dr.Hauschka Milestones

***PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DR.HAUSCHKA UK COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED*** Just over two weeks ago Stockwood CBS investment reached a milestone, hitting 50% of total funding […]