20th July 2016

The joys of the wildlife on the farm

The tractor was useable again and the topping programme was continued – the tractor had sat in a field for four days with a puncture last […]
11th July 2016

Hay baling & calves escaping

I am currently reading the July chapter of Meadowland by John Lewis-Stemple – a book I happily recommend to all interested in the environment. The author […]
30th June 2016

Swings and roundabouts: Brexit and new calves on the way

I am writing this on the 29th June. Politics is not something I normally comment upon but the decision of last week to leave the EU […]
21st June 2016

The green energy project has begun!

A rather mixed week here in the farm. We have of course been pleased to have the rain together with enough warmth to keep the pastures […]
13th June 2016

Hey ho a farmer’s life is full of joy

A week of sunshine and strangely high temperatures which, with little rain, has meant for this farm the pastures are cracking as the clay dries out […]
6th June 2016

Movements on the farm

As I write this the sun we have at last seen off the grey skies which seem now the norm for every morning. It has been […]
31st May 2016

What a difference a few days of warmth make to one’s mood!

Apart from a torrential downpour in the early hours of Saturday morning we have had no rain and no chill winds. Indeed, the problem (if that […]
23rd May 2016

A buzz of positive activity at Rush Farm!

A strange lethargy has crept over us this morning despite the media’s attempts to generate excitement about the coming election. Lambing finally finished on Thursday. Katja […]
16th May 2016

Time to view our position on matters biodynamic

This week we have experienced very different weather. There have been sunny periods but at all times a very chill northerly wind. The three ewes I […]