8th February 2016

Winter Newsletter

Here is our beautiful winter 2015/16 newsletter hot off the press 🙂
8th February 2016

Major (but short-lived) flooding, and one seriously MAMMOTH egg!

Only one place to start this week. After an equatorial down pour all day Saturday, by 10.30 in the evening the Bow Brook had spilled over its […]
5th February 2016

386 lambs predicted, flooded fields and a poem from an investor..

A couple of major events on the farm last week to report.. On Tuesday the ewes were scanned. This is an event that cause both excitement […]
29th January 2016

Frost (finally!), Worcester Roots & the sad loss of a guinea fowl..

                A special week in that we actually had two cold days together with a hard frost which made […]
30th November 2015

Weaning, WWOOFers & a wonderful visit from a children’s group.

Another busy week not helped by my asthma lingering! Others however worked very hard outside and I was at least able to complete anew paperwork for our […]
8th May 2014

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7th May 2014

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6th May 2014

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12th March 2014

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