Our Animals

Our animals are all raised to Demeter biodynamic and Soil Association organic standards which guarantees high standards of care. They graze on organic pasture and animals are treated with homeopathy as a preventative measure and to treat problems such as mastitis.


The lamb comes from our flock of Lleyn sheep. Our breeding flock has grown from 30 sheep in 2006 to 200 in 2013. In 2013 we have in excess of 300 lambs, all of which were born in April. These sheep produce delicious meat. The breed originates from the Lleyn peninsula in Wales and until recently was listed as a rare breed.

Traditional Hereford Beef

We currently have a herd of 30 pure bred Traditional Hereford cattle. Our aims is to grow the herd to nearer 50. They graze on our organic pastures which are rich in a variety of grasses, herbs and clovers. Their meat is deliciously tender and succulent.

Flash the Sheep Dog

Flash is 5 years old and is our wonderful sheep dog. She loves to work but is very happy to stop and have a tummy tickle too and is very popular with tenants on the Business Park, delivery men and visitors.