Protect the Farm

Why we want to protect the farm

The initial motivation for creating the Stockwood CBS trust was to protect Rush Farm as a biodynamic haven in perpetuity. The Parsons family converted Rush Farm to the organic biodynamic method straight away, aware, as they were, of the many benefits of the system for food quality, ease of farming and biodiversity.
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The Parsons family well remember their own sadness, shared, as it was, with the biodynamic and organic farming community when their grandfather’s farm was lost to the biodynamic movement in the late 1980s, and they felt great anxiety to ensure that in future years their own eventual succession process did not lead to a similar outcome.
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Rush Farm was quite famous for its prize winning shorthorn bulls and race horses in the mid-twentieth century. The family’s grandfather bought his bull from Rush Farm and visitors from as far afield as the mid-West of the USA and Australia have had stories of their relatives buying animals from Rush Farm.
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There is even a culturally exciting story attached to Rush Farm, as it was the location for the recording of a number of early episodes of the long running Radio 4 series “The Archers”. The local pub is “The Bull”, well known to Archers’ fans! We even have a copy of the Radio Times from the 1940s with the Archers family photographed round the hearth of the “their” (actually Rush Farm’s) farmhouse sitting room fire.

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