Rush Farm Update: Inspections & Baby Calves

Rush Farm Update: Inspections & Baby Calves

You might have seen our brand new Facebook page in the last few weeks. If not, you can access it here and see daily updates from the farm and other related tidbits:

A New Member Of The Family

On there we posted a picture of a brand new baby calf, birthed by Beauty and conceived by her and either Curly or Wurly:



Isn’t she beautiful?

Inspections – “Satisfied All Requirements”

We had three inspections (lumped into two) last week of our farm to check our compliance to organic and other certifications. The Demeter inspector has seen Rush Farm right from the start of our journey and so was particularly well placed to note how much had been achieved. His conclusions were completely positive!

The next day was our Soil Association and Farm Assurance inspections. After a seven hour session, which did include a lengthy outdoor expedition he said we had every reason to feel pride in our achievements and that we had satisfied all requirements.

So in conclusion, last week we birthed some of the future of Rush Farm, whilst maintaining all that we have achieved so far!

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