1st July 2020

Grass fed or pasture fed?

I think to start any piece of writing or speech with a quotation has many risks attached to it and should only be adopted in quite […]
24th June 2020

Rain, and plenty of it!

At last we have had a goodly amount of rain. For the time being at least, the great cracks in the ground have closed, and if […]
17th June 2020

Young heifers and swings!

I am very conscious that these notes are primarily written to ensure all interested parties are kept up to date about life on the farm. As […]
10th June 2020

Light rain!

Yet another week dominated by the bungling affairs in the United States, and here at home the Bank of England warning that plans should be in […]
27th May 2020


If there was one television programme that had a cult following in Saskatchewan during the winter it was the weather forecast. Putting to one side a […]
20th May 2020

A picture of green

How to describe this week? Well it has passed without major disaster, though if we do not have rain soon, one could be looming. The warm […]
13th May 2020

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

This has been one of those weeks which come but infrequently when all feel ’tickety boo’, the sun shone most days though the nights were crisp […]
8th April 2020

Dry pastures!

Since my self-inflicted injury, I seem to have adopted a shuffling gait rather like a standing, though stooped, bespectacled tortoise with a rather wispy beard. I […]
7th September 2019

Time for hedge cutting

What an unusual start to the week! A Bank Holiday coinciding with good weather after a scorching weekend. Thank goodness the two fields that had been […]