TB testing

4th March 2020

Inland seas and daffodils

The loss of the American colonies was taken by many as a sign that England had lost its favoured position in the eyes of God. In […]
15th January 2020

A lake in field 6!

A rather subdued week on the farm. The RPA continues to be negatively robotic. Tim’s mother has not been well, and this has impacted on us […]
2nd October 2019

Rain rain rain!

What a very frustrating week. As if mirroring politics, the needed rain has come in excess. As a result, much of what was planned had to […]
14th August 2019

It can’t be autumn yet!

In Ireland, August was, and may still be, regarded as the first month of autumn, and this followed the Celtic calendar. On that basis we should […]
6th March 2019

Beautiful weather!

This has been a delightful week. The weather continued to be beautiful until Thursday, and all were spurred into tackling jobs that have needed doing for […]
10th September 2018

TB results are in

The week has been dominated by two matters. The first is that it has been a week of endings – school holidays, promenade concerts, the summer, […]