Chris Burdett

Chris has been a well-known figure on the business park since the society’s founding, and has returned to the board having previously served as chairman. Amongst other things he is a farmer and entrepreneur.

Alison King

Alison is a entrepreneur, running a local shop. She was the founding Company Secretary.

Joshua Malkin

A change-maker focused on transformation through projects that serve the common good. Elysia Commons representative.

Tilly Jarvis

Senior Project Manager – Food and Farming. SOS-UK.

Nicki Bainbridge

Nicki has a background in photography and video creation. Her area of responsibility at Stockwood is managing the business park. Nicki is also a member of the Stockwood executive team.

Jon Nicholls – BDLT Custodian

Jon started his career in agriculture but his path changed, moving to finance. He has senior experience in finance, marketing, HR and strategy.