The Vision for the Stockwood Estate

There are two strands of activity supported by the Stockwood Community Benefit Society.  The farm and the business park.

The Vision for the Farmland

The vision for the farm is to create new income streams by specialising production streams from all the resources.  At the moment beef, sheep and a small number of vegetables and crops are harvested.  It is possible, and other organisations demonstrate this already, to generate income streams from fruit production, meat processing, milk production and milk processing, vegetable production and vegetable processing, from the woods and hedgerows for baskets, poles and charcoal.  Some of those activities will require business-park style activities with small production facilities, and these ideas stimulate the development of the vision for the business park.

The Vision for the Business Park

The vision for the business park is to make it energy self-sufficient.  The first priority is to cover the fairly large expanse of South facing modern farm building roofs with solar panels.  The second priority is to re-route the sewage from the business park out of the various septic tanks and soak-aways and into an anaerobic bacterial digester to create methane for centralised heating and production of more electricity.

Our Educational Aims

The farm and business park already host training courses and this will be expanded to provide our members will opportunities to learn, but also for other visitors such as the customers of the tenants on the business park too.  SCBS will specialise in providing experience and training in biodynamic growing and training and workshops in ethical business leadership.


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