Volunteer on the farm

Volunteering on the Farm

The farm has volunteers working on it for much of the year, excluding late autumn and the winter. Sometimes just 1, and at busy times up to 4 people at once. Accommodation is in a comfortable mobile home that is heated and has electricity, running water, bathrooms and wifi. Many volunteers come through the WWOOFing scheme, but you can apply through here too. You are welcome to apply with your friend or partner - just explain in the box below.

Your application will be sent to the farm team who will respond.


Volunteer in the Society

Volunteering for the Society

The Society has a number of activities that it needs help with. The more volunteers we have the further our resources can stretch, and the more fun life is too!

Your application will be sent to the Society office who will respond.


Helping in the office could involve a number of different tasks, from chasing paper to supporting social media or updating the website. Much of this work can be done from home, with occasional visits to the office for meetings. The Society office is usually open on Tuesdays only, but this does vary.

Helping with mailings either involves coming to the office to stand round a table as we insert letters and stick on labels, or it might involve taking a pile of letters, envelopes or labels home to be processed.

Volunteering at public events might involve erecting posters in the weeks before, setting up the fair ground the day before, and then marshalling cars, being a guide or whatever is needed on the day - followed by helping with the clear up!