Fruit and Vegetables

Our gardens extend to about 1 acre of land on which we grow a variety of vegetables, salad crops, soft fruit, herbs and orchard fruit all to Demeter biodynamic standards.

Companion planting encourages beneficial insects and wildlife helping to control levels of pests and herb-based preparations are used to enhance and stimulate microbiological life to soil improve fertility.

The biodynamic cultivation method involves planting and harvesting according to the position of the moon and planets in relation to the zodiac. Plants are divided into four groups: flower, root, leaf and fruit. Each group responds particularly to the four zodiac sign groups: flower – air signs; root – earth signs; leaf – water signs; fruit – fire signs. By sowing or harvesting particular plants in the sign that corresponds to them, the plant’s growth, health and keeping qualities can be enhanced. For example, picking sweet peas on a flower day should mean that the flowers last longer, the scent is stronger and continued flowering is encouraged.

Our produce is currently sold direct to customers who work on the Business Park and occasionally through the local village shop.