4th July 2020

11am, meeting “room” open from 10:45am

Attend the 2020 AGM of the Society to review the 2019 accounts, hear reports from the officers and ask questions.

Please scroll down this page to see the Agenda, Minutes of the 2019 meeting and Accounts for 2019.


  1. Apologies
  2. Approval of the minutes from the AGM 15th June 2019
  3. Report from the Board of Directors
  1. Business Park
  2. Farm
  1. Report on and Approval of the Accounts
  2. Announcement by the Board that it intends to pay an interest rate of 5% on shares during 2020
  3. Election of Accountant:  Alanbrookes
  4. Appointment of Directors by Custodian Trustees1
  5. Election of Directors2
  6. AOB

Note 1: Ian Nichols representing the Biodynamic Land Trust and Joshua Malkin representing Elysia Commons will stand for re-appointment to the Board.

Note 2: Alison King, Caroline Bell, Ian Preston, Tilly Jarvis and Ian Preston will stand for re-election to the Board; Nicki Bainbridge and Sebastian Parsons are standing to join the Board.

Minutes of 2019 AGM


Accounts for 2019