Last day to invest – 10 reasons why you should invest!

Last day to invest – 10 reasons why you should invest!

It’s deadline day and your final chance to invest in the biodynamic farm that inspired The Archers. So, to help you make the right decision we’ve put together the top ten reasons why our current investors decided to take advantage of our fantastic share offer.

Julie Gardner – “I am really interested in Rush Farm as a model and I love being here to see what is happening on the farm and it brings the whole initiative to life in action.”

Anne Jones – “My daughter in law is doing an MSc in organic farming.   I love the Archers and I have listened to The Archers all my adult life and this is the farm that they based their recordings at.  I thought it was a community farm – open and welcome to the public and coming to the open events.”

Alison King – “I respect the ethos of the family and the organic farming principles.   I wanted to become a member and investor to protect the land and it demonstrated my commitment and belief in the principles and ways of farming.   I really feel part of the farm.”

Tracey Wathen-Jones – “Long term I think organic agriculture is more sustainable for people, the land and livestock and environment.  I think the land should be protected for future generations.  Access to land is such a big issue for people who want to get into farming who don’t inherit through family, so community schemes allow some of those people to access and farm the land.”

Jessica Standing – “I am really exciting about the Stockwood Community Benefit Society share offer and the next phase of development and I hope to learn lots about it and inspire others to take up shares.”

Anna Guyer – “I became an investor in Stockwood Community Benefit Society as I firmly believe that we need to protect land in the UK and I want to ensure that this farm continues to be farmed biodynamically for generations to come.”

Peter Pettifor – “I have often felt I wanted to have a farm but could not afford one.  So being a Member and a co-owner of Stockwood Community Benefit Society gives me a sense of ownership and belonging on the farm.”

– “I am a member of the Green Party and I have become aware that more than 50% of species in the UK are in decline due to pesticide use and changes in land use.   I want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.  The way this biodynamic farm works is that you try to protect nature and do more for nature than conventional farming.  So investing in Stockwood Community Benefit Society was a great opportunity for me to do something positive about the environment.

Lesley White – “The Parsons family are very good at making me feel that Rush Farm is mine!  I love being on the farm, I come at weekends, I adore being here, it gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing and it is the perfect antidote to quite a stressful job.   I would never move my business anywhere else.”

-“I became an investor because I love Rush Farm – and for me it is all to do with the land and the sheep.  They let me feed the orphans.  After feeding the orphans in the first year, they let me keep two sheep!  And last year they let me keep a further three sheep which they let me keep here.

To find out more about investing in Stockwood Community Benefits Society and to hear more from our current investors, visit our YouTube channel.

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