25th July 2019

Meadow Sweet

At this time of year, the verges in the lanes around the farm are a mass of the creamy white flowers of the meadow sweet. On […]
18th July 2019

A new male calf

I have managed to say little about the cricket World Cup but at this stage of the competition there can be no excuse for ignoring it […]
11th July 2019

All is well

A week in which the hay bales were collected in, the garden transformed, critical farm financial matters dealt with, the delivery of the wool booked in, […]
3rd July 2019

The weather has been kind

For hay fever suffers, this has been a very difficult week, but with hay making taking place both here and on neighbouring farms, together with cooler […]
29th June 2019

Time to move the cattle

An interesting week on the farm, though more about visitors and finance. The move of the young cattle to the back of the farm, together with […]
18th June 2019

Visiting ducks!

There is a view that the English start and end every conversation with exchanges about the weather. In these notes I try to avoid that. But […]
12th June 2019

Field topping and new fences

Thoughts of D-day I can do no other than start with the fact that this week it was 75 years since the allied landings in occupied […]
7th June 2019

The tractor is mended!

Cricket! Calypso music was in my head on Thursday morning, and in particular the words ‘cricket lovely cricket’ as the first match of the World Cup […]
30th May 2019

Biodynamic activity is underway

Everything came together this week to allow the start of this season’s biodynamic activity. In the first place, the weather allowed the newly drilled fields to […]