6th November 2017

NEW BLOG: A new heifer calf makes its presence known by climbing into the water trough

Well autumn has certainly arrived. In the farmhouse I register the temperature by the number of layers of clothing it is necessary to wear under and […]
29th October 2017

NEW BLOG: the moorhens are once again to be found around the pond

I am happy report on another essentially peaceful week. The ewes, after a weekend spent in the barn area, were carefully checked. The breeding ewes were […]
23rd October 2017

NEW BLOG: the suckler herd move into the barn

A rather quiet week on most fronts, although a power cut on Wednesday revealed my lamentable ignorance of electricity. After several attempts at other helping me […]
16th October 2017

BLOG: the wood is an extraordinarily beautiful place to take a walk

Another reasonably peaceful week here at Rush Farm – the animals appear well and content, the weather has been reasonable, and Tim has been able to […]
9th October 2017

NEW BLOG: a new heifer calf and good pastures to enjoy

I am happy to report that last week was a further good week for the farm. Our Demeter inspection went well – the inspector was content […]
2nd October 2017

NEW BLOG: our first frost arrives

I am happy to report on another pleasantly peaceful week – if you discount the excitement when a digger found the mains water pipe on Thursday […]
25th September 2017

BLOG: It's time to reduce our breeding flock

I am happy to report that last week was a peaceful week on the farm! Tim has continued with the tiresome but necessary job of topping […]
18th September 2017

BLOG: Herculean strength was needed to free a calf stuck in the mud!

As is so often the case, the week has had the odd highs plus several lows, and, one dramatic moment. Sackcloth and ashes time… Last week […]
11th September 2017

BLOG: What is big, red and eats rocks?…read on to find out!

Being British, I obviously have to start with the weather, which has been dominated this week by airflow from the Atlantic. The hurricanes which have been […]